Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the year of the PAIR !

recently on rachael's blog Love Laugh & Paint she found a quote that said "New Years Resolutions are just for people who weren't awesome the year before..."   ouch!  that seems a bit harsh for those of us who are actually thinking about DOing something this year ... making changes or adjustments to certain areas, learning something new or Relearning something old, setting goals and plans and a different mindset ...

and while i certainly don't see myself as AWESOME because i'm pondering on a plan, i would like to share my Rough Draft of Patterns . . . a Timeline, of sorts, for learning new things and sharing in this journey ... hoping that you will join me as i work through 2011 . . and i'm calling it the Year of the Pair!   Why?  well, apPARently i had a bit too much time on my hands over the holiday break, but this is what the Lord has been laying on my heart:  11 = for me i see that as a PAIR of 1's .... which could easiliy be interpreted as a Pair of Knitting Needles!  Why not spend the year working on PAIRS of projects ... and why not consider PARING down the stash in the process?  Why not help prePARE a new mom by sharing some of your knitting with a local Womens Shelter or the church nursery?  Why not learn something new each month by making a scarf and then in December you can comPARE your projects - AND have a basket full of gifts waiting to shared?

i see myself thinking ahead (which is a relatively new concept for me actually!) AND also thinking outward - which for most knitters is nothing new because this entire community is about giving and sharing ... so here's the plan for the next 12 months .. in very rough fashion .. but perhaps you'll have time to do some research on topics along the way, check your stash and if you just HAVE to, go buy new yarn.  i will warn you though, this baby knitting is QUITE ADDICTING!  i LOVE all these sweet tiny things so make sure plan on doing LOTS of grinning while you knit on them!  and just think how sweet it will be to pray for the new moms and babies that will be the recipients of such tiny treasures!
Month            Scarf                 Baby Project

January       Scrunch scarf                   hat
February     Slip Stitch scarf                booties
March         Cable Scarf                     mits
April            Feather & Fan                 bib
May            Cotton                             hooded towel
June            Crochet                           cloche
July             Thick & Thin         ,          bunting
August         Entralac                          blocks
September   Color Change                 throw
October       Brioche                           pacifier holder
November   Neckercheif                    bag
December   Honeycomb                    hat

you know, I've come to realize that PAIRS is not a new concept.  God actually thought of it first.... Adam & Eve!  and then there was Cain & Abel - the first PAIR brothers .... Noah gathered the animals by pairs ..... Jesus sent his disciples out in PAIRS ....  so, clearly pairing up is a good thing!  And while i've set some goals for my knitting for the next year, i feel like i need to also set some goals for my spiritual growth as well!  Some tangible things that will reflect and require me to dig deeper, stay longer ... to linger in His Presence as i learn what each day holds.  A few of these are:  completely an in depth study of a Book of the Bible (based on a Bible Study format with questions and answers - Lifeway's having a great sale this week, fyi).  Scripture Memory - not just for a moment, but for a lifetime.... Thy Word have i hid in my heart that i might not sin against Thee! .....  increased Prayer Time - as in Listening MORE intently, chatting less just to fill the time!  Learning to be Comfortable in the silence of His Holiness ...

ready to make a plan .... a GPS that we can set our needles towards?  Before you know it, that "To Do" list will become a precious reminder of the Journey shared with friends ... a diary in wool, cotton and acrlyic that will tell the tale of the Year of the Pair!

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