Wednesday, January 26, 2011

are You . . . Knitting Daily?

Have you ever been to the Hoover Public Library?  They have a whole new parking lot AND wing that has recently been added, thanks in part to the MASSIVE overdue fine that a certain someone continues to accrue ... now, granted .. i always ... eventually ... pay the fine ... and make vows of devotion and commitments of turning over the new leaf and keeping track with when things are due ....

and then BAM!  i look find dig out the crumbled checkout slip from underneath my knitting and coffee cup and see the glaring truth:  they are always due  - - yesterday!!!   and thus the cycle being ..... or continues .... or snowballs ... and before long, the library's adding on .... again!  Did you know they have great resources in their knitting books?  Of course you don't know .. i've got them all checked out and you can't get them because of my procrastination and organizational dysfunction-ability!  but what IF i could let you in on a really neat 'secret' that will always be open .. that has drive-to-the-door parking .... even allows reading in your robe!   When you're not on Ravelry, why not sign in to Knitting Daily.  This is a great site filled with an abundance of information, great pictures so that you can dream of things that you'll proably never get the time or $$ to knit - but for me, it's fun to grab some coffee and just sit in the solitute of a quiet moment and dream about 'those' people who DO actually get to have "THAT" life .....

Sponsored by Interweave Press, Knitting Daily features many of the things that are published in Interweave Knits and/or Interweave Crochet ... but that's just the surface.  There really are Educational Articles in each publication and on line as well .. there are always fun things being sent to my email ... lots of free e-books to download ... inspiration AND explanation ... dreams AND reality ... ratings AND sizing that are clear and concise ....  a great way to preview things .. purchase individual patterns ... sign in for help .... ask questions, follow videos ....  they even sponsor a site on Ravelry, Facebook AND Twitter! 

I LOVE having instant acess and unlimited resources ... and am amazed at how 'dependent' i've become on things i can find on my computer ... just type in a few key words and before long i have a list with so many options ... it's like having a whole Row of Books devoted to the Knitting Topic Du Jour . . . perhaps this also appeals to me because it's yet another reflection of all the abundance and reserves that i have access to within my Bible each day ... sometimes each MINUTE .... a plethora of promises - hope - instruction - correction - whatEVER i may need.  And while the internet affords vast amounts of compiled information on its Super Highway ... there still remains the potential for disconnect if the power goes out ... or my wi-fi isn't picking the signal, if i don't type my search in correctly, if i can't get to my computer ....

and yet, there are no Glitches in accessing His Word.  There is nothing sweeter than opening my Bible and finding notes i've made in the margins regarding lessons i've learned, truths that have been made Real in my life, Prayers i've prayed along the way and even sweeter answers He's shared .... and one of my goals for this coming year is to work even more on my scripture memory so that should i find myself in need of my Bible i'll always have bits and pieces tucked within my heart .. no crumpled receipts to have to search for, but rich collections of His Word living within. I fall so short most days of resting in Him when things go 'not as i had planned' .... what IF my walk and talk actually matched because i was so Saturated in His Word ..... what IF He didn't have to spend so much time "frogging" my day and ripping out the messes i make because i fail to listen to the very Words He has spoken, the printed maps that are contained within the 66 books of my Bible . . .  there are No Fines or Late Fees for me to blame my illiteracy on ... negligence or selfishness, yes!  Closed doors or "After" hours ..... just concepts are not EVEN in His vocabulary!  (now THAT's a huge blessing for me, for SURE!)

Thy Word have i hid in my heart, that i might not sin against You.
Ps. 119:11

My Bible - - instant access to His Library!  No fines. No overdue fees. 
The essence of the Perfect Bookmobile! 

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