Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Funnies

i'm really not one who likes to sit down and talk politics .... i'm not a big fan of getting everyone worked up and then having to sit and listen to countless hours of opinions .... but it seems everywhere i go these days that most everyone has SOMEthing to say about the Health Care Plan that is looming before us. And so, to that end, i'd like to chip in my 2 cents worth with the following confession:

I'm In Therapy

and Knitting it Cheaper than a Psychiatrist!

have you checked your co-pay lately?  mine just went up again this year, along WITH the amount of i pay for my insurance beFORE i ever even go to the doctor!  Now don't get me wrong - i am SO very grateful for insurance ... to have a job that affords me that option ... and then pays me enough money to give my money BACK to them for such care should i ever need it.  However, i have come to realize that for the SAME amount of money, my "Co-Pay" can buy a luxurious little ball of cashmere .... or countless skeins of cotton . . or enough alpaca to make a sweater! and who WOULDN'T feel better just knowing that some new bamboo needles were what the doctor ordered!  it might even be enough to buy my own sheep so i would ALWAYS have wool to spin!

it's nice having that Safety Net to fall back on .... to have that security tucked in my back pocket ..... there when i need it, though i pray i never really have to find out to what extent! Having a Peace that passes understanding makes so MUCH of what we encounter each day actually "do-able" ... have you ever noticed? Having the privilege of being able to whisper God's name and KNOW that He is there .... the assurance of His Promise of the Gift of Salvation - - which comes with the reality of His Help, His willingness to Lead .... to meet my needs, heal my hurts, share my joys AND my sorrows .....

The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are His everlasting arms!
Deut. 33:27

THAT is a truth that NO one can dispute .... that can make it 'all' better!  The best insurance yet!

and just one more thing:  Let me write you a little quick prescription to make it all better, while we're talking here:

just present this "Prescription" at any check out and see how much better you feel!  (fyi .... Michael's and Joanne's will also honor THIS particular coupon ..... )     and LOOK!  it appears you're feeling better .. i think your color's coming back!  Happy Friday!

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