Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Feather & Fan, the crochet way

feather and fan ... one of knitting's all time, old time traditions .....

and crochet has a version of its own as well!

have you done any reading about crocheting .....  given ANY thoughts to it?

perhaps you've mastered the chain ....

sometimes it's the simple pleasures for sure!

but i PROMISE that there is more out there worth trying ... experimenting ... and knowing that all you have to do is basically unZIP it ... and start over ... no permanent damage done!

while the initial chaining may take a while  (285) ... i learned, the hard way, how important/beneficial it is to place markers ever 50 stitches, just in case the phone rings ... or i needed to go do some laundry (as if!) ......

and once you've got the chain chained, the pattern consists of just 2 rows ... easily memorized .... and yet another great way to get geared up for your favorite team!!!

can you see the similarity?
just like there are "versions" of the feather and fan for the crochet AND the knitting community, there are a variety of LIGHTS that shine among all of us ...... as i was reading in Matthew this morning it dawned on me that although God calls each of us to be a light ....  we often shine in different 'watts' ....  some of us appear to flicker like a birthday candle while others burn bright like an aromatic Yankee candle!  Some are spot lites while others emit the soft glow of a night light.  High powered lights, soft lamp lights, incandescent lighting . . all varieties that reflect the inspiration of our every day ..... time invested in learning about Him, absorbing His characteristics and traits, and then reflecting them into the darkness... Serving to usher us back home like a steadfast front porch light, reflecting hope and bravery when the darkness seems darker than usual. Time with Him can't be contained and hidden under a basket ... Those light rays will ooze out from beneath the curves of the overturned bushel and the shadows will soon beckon you back ... Not hindered by the darkness... But highlighted all the more by such!

the sun rises and falls and provides opportunities for lights to shine ... but also allows some lights to dim due to time ... or lack of wattage .... or simply because its time to flip the switch .... and thus it seems that perhaps its time to do just that with my blog .....  time to be a light ... but perhaps in a different location .... a different Lamp . . . just waiting to see where He intends to place this candle here ... flickering and reflecting ....  humbled to serve and share this journey with others  . . .