Thursday, January 20, 2011

the Perfect Hat - every time

Got your yarn?  Yes!   Got your needles?  Of Course!!!  Got a pattern .....  not so much!   What IF you could ALWAYS have a quick and easy "go to" that would serve as a Springboard for any and all creativity that is tucked within, just waiting for the needles and yarn to reveal!  Just a few Easy Steps and you'll be on your way .... Any Size .... Every Time!

Step 1 - Measurement

For an accurate head measure, place a tape measure across the forehead to calculate the full measure of the head.  And in order to know the correct height for your hat measure from the ear lobe to the desired height BEFORE hat shaping.

                          Width        Height
Preemie                12"            3"
Baby                    14"            4"
Toddler                16"            5"
Child                    18"            6"
Female                 20"            7"
Male                    22"            7"

Step 2 - Gauge

Start with the needles recommended on the yarn label and cast on 20 stitches and work in Stockinette Stitche for 4"  Continue working gauge SWATCH, switching needles if necessary in order to obtain the correct density.  Once you are happy with how it looks, count your stitches per inch and use the formula below to determine the number of stitches you'll need to cast on to create a personalized hat.

_____ Gauge (stitches per inch)   X  ______ (head circumference) = ____ # of stitches to cast on

Note:  the # of stitches should be divisible by 6 or 8 in order to create a nice and symmetrical decrease on the crown.  Round up or down for a cast on amount divisible by 6 or 8.

Brim Options:

  Rolled Brim - continue working in stitch pattern to desired length.
  1 x 1 rib brim - cast on a multiple of 2 or for a 2 x 2 rib, cast on an amount divisible by 4.  Knit to desired
                          length of brim.
  Ruffled edge - cast on 4 times the # of stitches from the formula.  Knit 1 round. K2tog all around. Knit 1
                           round, K2tog.

To Begin:  Cast on ___ stitches onto circular needle, place marker and join in the round, being careful not to twist.  Work in Stockinette Stitch on every row [or desired stitch based on your earlier swatch] until desired height is reached before shaping crown.  Always remember when working with a stitch pattern to make sure your cast on number works with the pattern repeat.


6 stitch decrease

Row 1:  K4, K2tog - repeat for entire round
Row 2 & all even rows - Knit
Row 3:  K3, K2tog - repeat for entire round
Row 5:  K2, K2tog - repeat for entire round
Row 7:  K1, K2tog - repeat for entire round
Row 9:  K2tog - repeat until 6 stitches remain

8 stitch decrease

Row 1: K6, K2tog - repeat for entire round
Row 2 & all even rows - Knit
Row 3: K5, K2tog - repeat for entire round
Row 5: K4, K2tog - repeat for entire round
Row 7: K3, K2tog - repeat for entire round
Row 9: K2, K2tog - repeat for entire round
Row 11:  K1, K2tog, repeat for entire round
Row 13:  K2tog, repeat until 8 stitches remain

Cut yarn leaving a 6" tail.  Thread yarn needle w/ tail and slip through remaining stitches.  Pull tail tightly drawing up all stitches to a close.  Thread yarn through center hole of hat and fasten off, weaving in any loose ends.

it would be really nice if there was also a formula that would work on most the Days of my Life .... jot down a few numbers, multiply them by a desired effect and BAM!  i've got my answer!  However, i continue to be reminded that that's really not an option  - - and acknowledging that math is really not my strong suit, it's probably best that i can't CALCULATE my day!  However, i have learned over the years of One Truth that i can count on ... that will remain each and every day ....

As the heavens are higher than the earth,
so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts.
Isa. 55:9

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord,
"plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
plans to give you hope and a future.
Than you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me,
and I will isten to you.
You will seek Me AND find Me
when you seek Me with ALL your heart."
Jer. 29: 11-13

No numbers to crunch, or formulas to memorize - -just the Perfect Answer EVERY time!

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