Saturday, January 8, 2011

leaving a mark . .

in the rhythm of the needles

there is music for the soul.

- found on an old antique sampler

i love this quote ... i have found so much truth in those very words on those days when all the noise of the world is hectic and busy and screaming and i just need a few minutes of 'quiet' ... and i found that truth to be validated each time i knit a special 'prize' for someone in my life and i spend time planning the project, knitting it and watching it come together all the while praying for them as i knit. And then on those days when i'm not bound by the consistent ticking of a minute hand, the rhythm that results from an uninterrupted row of stitches brings calm, leaves satisfaction at the progress, affords an optimism related to the productivity, and melody lines are soon formed by the very strings that flow across my  needles.

Just as knitting has proven to be a multi-dimensional, hands-on project for me, I have learned that walking with the Lord has many dimensions as well.  It's easy to sit and knit when i've got the time, and it's easy to Thank the Lord when things are going well!  BUT .. on the rows when the stitch count and the pattern are not EVEN agreeing i find that i must re-read the pattern, rip out and do over.  This may mean re-reading and re-reading and re-reading but i have to go back to what i know and what the pattern says; and on those days when i feel like worlds are colliding and i can't make sense of things, it's still a sign of obedience and maturity to place my Trust in the Lord.  It may require stepping out in what feels like blind faith, put placing my trust in Him to guide me through the pattern of the day He's designed will ultimately create an intimacy and trust factor that leaves a melody in my heart ... and that is the song that will console and encourage as i journey ....

leaving a mark ... with my yarn .. with my heart ...... humming a melody, listening for His harmonies . . .

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