Thursday, January 6, 2011

How to Increase withOUT that surprized look

You can knit!     You can purl [even though you may not like it as much]      . . BUT can you Increase and Decrease on PURPOSE, rather than find yourself  bewildered at the end of the row by the number of stitches that are on your needles?

Do you remember those early days when you started out with 10 stitches and just jumped right in .. happily knitting along and after a few inches felt compelled (or instructed) to assess your progress ... and you started counting ...   1     2      3     ... scooting those little stitches right over and feeling so good about what you had learned . . 6    7     8 ..... admiring how MUCH you had accomplished, gushing about how EASY it finally was and how MUCH you LOVED knitting now . . . 10     11      12    . . . .

WHAT??  13 ?   But just a row ago you had 10 !    Gotta LOVE those increases, especially the ones that sneak up on you!  But what IF you could PLAN them?  Place them exactly where you wanted them ????  It's a great concept, and one that actually WORKS very well when planned out ....  and on the "Squeeze Me" scarf each of the main sections begins with an increase from the solid ribbing section. So, here are a few options to consider with Increasing ON PURPOSE:

Backwards Loop Method
You'll see on the pattern that you should M1 - which means Make 1 extra stitch.  In order to accomplish this you could just add an extra loop by making the backwards 'e' cast on, but often times that leaves a hole at the base of that row.  If your yarn is extra bulky, then perhaps it won't show and could be a great option to use.

Another consideration is the Kfb - Knit into the Front AND the Back loop before taking it off the Left Needle.  Grab some practice yarn and after casting on 5 stitches and working in stockinette for a bit just to establish a smooth working surface, why not practice this little "twisted" motion.  Insert your right needle into the stitch just like you normally do.  Pull the loop back towards like, again just like business as usual, but DON'T pull the stitch off of the left needle yet.  Instead, with a slight twist of the wrist, insert the Right Needle into the BACK of that same Left needle stitch and knit it again. Once you have pulled the loop forward and  have it sitting comfortably on your Right Needle you can THEN pull the left stitch off and let it rest on the row below.  You may notice a slight purl bump that shows on the front of your work as a result of this stitch, but once again, depending on the weight and type of yarn, this may not be a big deal .. and serve very nicely in your knitting progress!   For great pictures and video demonstrations click here and look closely at the sampler of options for you. 
Begin your knit stitch as usual, then
with a slight twist, knit into the
BACK of the same loop

and of COURSE, there is the sneaky little Yarn Over that always works it's way in and leaves those precious little "holes" ... or opportunities to decorate - as in buttons or pretty pins - - to further 'embellish' your first attempts!   Why not save those Yarn Over's for lace - - they look GREAT when sprinkled throughout those pieces!

At this time of year when all discussion and focus is on the 'decreasing' of our waistlines, our stashes, etc, why not stop for a time and see where an Increase would be beneficial!  Perhaps increased time with the Lord would make for a great start!  A renewed sense of focus, dwelling a bit longer in His Presence in order to glean those lessons He longs to share .... more time invested will result in a keener awareness of Him when things get rough or we encounter a situation that we weren't expecting ... Increasing your faith because you've learned to recognize His hand, to rest in His promises of care and acknowledge His genuine concern for your well being.

Increases .. on purpose ..... watching the Fruit of the Spirit grow from just a bit of 'fruit salad' on your plate to a beautifully blooming orchard of opportunities to share the wealth and happiness that He has planted and increased within YOU!
 Romans 8:6 says . . the mind controlled by the Spirit is Life and Peace!  
(ie, no surprizes to Him!)

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