Wednesday, November 10, 2010

it's Crunch Time !

Today is Wednesday, November 10. and if you do the math AND face the reality, that means that Christmas is 45 days from today!  it's hard to believe that it's getting closer .. and for some reason i feel like it gets here quicker as well .... but none-the-less ... it's coming!  Tomorrow will be Veterans Day and there are some really good sales going on, so i'd like to encourage you to make a list and let's start looking for reasonable patterns that can make this holiday season Special ... one that's Heart felt and Hand made .....

Wakefield Scarf
Michael's is having a really GREAT sale on their yarn this week and they have some beautiful and affordable options, one of which is a new Lion Brand Yarn called Amazing.  The label says that it is a worsted weight yarn but it truly has some Amazing color variations that are [accordingly to the description] "soft, warm, and lusciously lightweight". It also claims to "magically create tweedy stripe patterns from the simplest of stitches, so even beginners can create dazzling designs. Stitch up stunning sweaters, accessories, and more". i have found a simple lace pattern  [famous last words, i know] that i think will be beautiful in this yarn ... and diagonal lace that will allow the yarn to be even more spectacular as the colors unfold and the bias that's created will pull your eye in all sorts of soft complimentary visions.  Knitting Daily is sharing this pattern for free and i have full intentions of keeping this one in my stash of go to patterns.

You could also try some sock yarn and larger needles (perhaps a Size 6) to duplicate this pattern ... or perhaps a simple ribbing pattern even ... if you use some of the self-striping sock yarns that are out now you will soon find that the 'effect' is actually created for you .. and you can sit and knit and enjoy the journey.  You can no longer play the 'i can't do it' card because it has already been done for you, as far as all the color changes and beautiful patterns that will soon be dropping off your needles, into your lap and then presented as a precious and priceless gift to someone you love!

Jude 24 is a Priceless example of what has been done for ME ... and the freedom that i can find in my relationship with the Lord - -  here's the promise:  To Him who is able to keep me from falling and to present me before His glorious presence without fault and with great joy - - to the only God our Savior be glory, majesty, power and authority, through Jesus Christ our Lord, before all ages, now and forevermore!

Because of God's grace, He nows sees me as a knitted work of Heart ... i have no loose ends that need to be rewoven in to conceal them .... the color changes flow effortlessly due in part to Christ's blood that have covered my sinful stains .....  His salvation has made me into a scarf that my Father will proudly adorn ...

This will help you get started - print these coupons from Michaels .... get your list ready .... i'll see you there!  (Hobby Lobby also has a good coupon ... and Joanne's will take ANY stores coupons ... note to self!)

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