Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Head Over Heels -
happy hats for grins & giggles
Last nite i had the privilege of participating in a very special Women's Ministry event sponsored by our church.  The purpose of "Gifted" was to remind each of the women present that we ALL have things in our life that we can use to share God's love . . with friends and neighbors, family and coworkers, with strangers that cross our path throughout each day.  It may require some time of soul searching and/or bravery to actually take the talents you so often deem as 'ordinary', and become bold enough to allow God to use such gifts .... but the blessings of being obedient, and watching God work in other people's lives through what i try to downplay as just "no bid deal" .... leaves me humbled and giddy ... and of course, running to the yarn shop for more yarn "so God can use me some more" ... or at least that's the story i'm sharing with my husband these days! ;)

Yesterday at school a dear friend asked me to help her teach some of the students how to knit and i just HAD TO oblige.  I mean, ANY time i can sit and knit and call it JOB RELATED ...... nothing to pray about there, for SURE!!  Slowly the awkwardness of holding the needles and the string and trying to wrap your brain and hands around how those knots are actually going to become beautiful stitches dissipated and the lite bulb started to flicker with hope ... and there were even some glimmers of FUN that flashed through those moments!  THAT was my Gift to them ... and i pray every day that i can share that with someone new. 

Sweet Feet
 i have spent the last few weeks ambitiously working on sweet little 'Gifts' that others can buy, or perhaps even be inspired to go home and try themselves . . . and coming to realize that things that make me smile may not necessarily have the same impact on others.  There are a plethora of projects out there to knit ... and my new mantra may become ... So much Yarn:  So little Time!   However, with each Gift that i knitted i was reminded of all the ways that God can use my simple offering.  He does NOT care as much about the quality of my stitches and my ability to weave in my yarn tails, or fluff the pompoms on the hat as He cares about my obedience to follow His call and to have HIS love woven in every aspect of my day.  He is not as impressed with my ability to display my knitted hats as He is with my willingness to display HIS character in all my conversations and daily living.  
and of course, it all boils down to my perspective ... which reflects my time spent with Him ... and learning that i am, of all women, most blessed to have the GIFT of LIFE that He has so graciously shared with me.  To know the Gift of His Salvation and Love ... the freedom of His Forgiveness and the Abundant Life that i can now live and share with others .....  His Supreme Example of Gift giving .... He clearly has led by example.

what sweet & tiny feet
will fit into this?
The grins and giggles that were brought to my heart with each little baby hat ... or the tiniest of little baby booties can't even compare to the PRIDE that i believe our Father has for us - "every good and perfect Gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of the heavenly lights, Who does not change like shifting shadows.  He chose to give us birth through the Word of Truth, that we might be a kind of first fruits of all He created." James 1:17-18

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