Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday + Fall = FUN

with all the rain we've had this week it seems that the leaves are finally letting go ... conceding to the fact that it's officially Autumn and the colors have finally turned into that beautiful hue that settles deep within my spirit to get me ready for all the holidays soon to approach.  Rich palattes of gold, deep ambers and vibrant jewel tones of red are slowly floating from overhead and gently dripping down to my front porch steps .... scattering themselves across my front yard, and calling for the rakes to be pulled out and the Jumping to soon commence!

What better way to celebrate this wonderful season than with a complimentary scarf as well! Or perhaps just a sweet and simple bookmark, using the same stitch, just smaller yarn and needles.  Such a classic example of how we can use what we have, when we have it, to bring out a good thing.

For me it seems to reiterate the point that God can and will use me despite how insignificant i may be feeling today ... or how whiney i am ... or how many excuses i may present to Him. I may be just a 'little ol' leaf' BUT once you pile all those leaves together you find yourself viewing a beautiful tree in the spring that renews your heart ..... you soon see trees that appear to be on fire in the fall because the colors are so vivid ... and you have the experience of jumping into the piles that have been collected and those childhood memories return to make you smile ....

so ...are you feeling thin and insignificant .... knit a bookmark and share with a friend.  are you feeling fat and happy - - grab some thicker yarn, chunkier needles and wrap this reminder around your neck ....  and just as the leaves of fall cling to the dampness of the early morning, hold tight to the promise of Exodus 15:13:

In Your unfailing love You will lead the people You have redeemed.
In Your strength You will guide them to Your holy dwelling.

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