Monday, November 8, 2010

Creative Memories

Simple Knit Stitch
Do you remember WHEN you learned to knit .... do you remember those awkward 1st attemtps at trying to hold 2 needles, twist the string counter clockwise, pull it BACK out ... and NOT loose or let go and have all of life just lying limp in your lap?  or even more so, do you remember your 'teacher' trying to tell you that Knitting was FUN?    that Knitting would help "Reduce your Stress" - - as your shoulders were drawing closer and closer up to your ears?  or are you willing to confess that you HATED that teacher/person because they made it look SO SIMPLE ... and you were struggling just to hold it together and appear to be semi-coordinated . . .    Remember those days?

Basic Purl Stitch
I'm teaching some of the students at school this year how to knit, thanks in part to a special teacher with a vision and heart for making a difference in the lives of men and women who are homeless.  In the meantime she is also deeply dedicated to instilling within the minds of her students the importance - and even the urgency - - to look OUTWARD and not be so focused on their own immediate needs or comforts ... or even their complancy with life as they know it.  And such life lessons are being taught with the simplicity of the Knit Stitch ... and hopefully next week ... the PURL stitch!
Knits and Purls .... that's it! Once you've learned to Knit AND Purl you can consider yourself a "Knitter". Amazing how 'simple' that sounds and yet how hard we often make it.  Surely life can't be that 'simple' ... just knitting and purling?  and yet, once equipped with that basic knowledge there is NOTHING that you can't do ... yet!   Because the 2nd most important lesson, aside from learning the mechanics of those 2 stitches ... is that you CAN [and will] RIP it OUT ... and start over!  and resume knitting and purling ... again!

this is very much a reflection of life, if you think about it .... i'm either leading my life ... or i'm allowing Him to lead my life .....  and i've learned that when i attempt to take control it's much akin to my 'interpretting' someone else's pattern based on what i 'think or feel' rather than what's already been recorded and put into print for me to follow.  HowEVER, when i submit to His leadership and direction and pattern writing i find that life goes just as He has planned ... oh, it may present challenges and lessons to be learned, BUT He is right there beside me!  psalm 102:27 reminds me:  "but YOU {the Lord} remin the same, and Your years will never end."

"Creative Memories"
in Swatch Form!

i have a pile of swatches that i keep in my knitting room .... and for the most part they are nothing to be proud of, BUT they do document things that i have tried ... and not been so successful at!  and when i look back over those days when i felt rather "large and in charge" i find them to also be Day Swatches .. that reflect less than stellar accomplishments.  However, when i stop and recall the simplicity of obedience and return to the rhythm of the knits and purls of His leading i see that i am left with Creative Memories that are recorded to remind me of His grace and goodness, His faithfulness and willingness to lead me ... to always do what's ultimately best for me .... to never leave me!  Acts 17:27 says "For in Him we live and move and have our being. 'As some of your own peots hae said, 'We are His offspring." ..... So perhaps if i'd return to the basics, i'd find that He has filled His Scrapbook with swatches of my days when i yielded to His design ... guess it's time to confess my stubbornness [Rip it out] .. and acquiese to the beauty that's found when i place myself within His Hands .... Knit and Purl ... Knit and Purl ...... Knit and Purl . . . . and life becomes Knit So Simple!

For we are God's masterpiece.
He has created us anew in Christ Jesus,
so we can do the good things He planned for us long ago.
Eph. 2:10

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