Wednesday, October 6, 2010

time for Fray Check

are you a member of Ravelry yet?  please tell me that you've taken the 10 seconds it requires to join this amazing website that is FILLED to overflowing with patterns and opinions and forums and funnies and just about anything in between for the the knitter (and even the crocheter!).  this site contains options for recording and documenting your personal collection of yarn, books, projects started, frogged AND finished ...  it affords you the option of leaving a trail for others to see ... or simply the ability to loose yourself in the dreams and plans of projects to come!

many days (and nites) i find myself pouring over the patterns - which are very distinctly categorized in order to optimize your search time.  you can sort by pattern type, type of yarn used, ease in construction, even patterns WITH pictures versus those without.   and i have found that if and when an option presents itself withOUT a picture i just move on to the next one.  Clearly, my knitting 'faith' is lacking ... i'm a Big Picture kind of knitter who still enjoys the inspiration (or crutch) of what my end result is supposed to look like!

if i'm not careful i sometimes find myself making these same demands of the Lord when it comes to my own life and living each day.  in my mind i think it would be better if He'd lay things out early in the morning so that i could see what was waiting - then i would develop my own plan for how to handle things and get on with it ... or whine about it if i didn't like it .... or just avoid it if it appeared to hard [despite the fact that He had intentions for making it work to my good] ..... clearly such a strategy wouldn't be all that advantageous to me if He left me in charge! 

on paper it would appear that i really don't have any "pictures" to go by and that i walk blindly through each moment ... each stitich of the day.  however, NOTHING could be FARTHER from the TRUTH!   Every day is filled with the Creative Memories of Who He Is, candid snapshots of the realities of reaching for His Hand and resting in His ability to lead and guide.  Choosing to follow Him provides me with access to a heavenly "Ravelry" site where i can peek into the albums of those who have already lived and knitted according to His Master Pattern .... their lives and stories captured and documented as their hearts were knit together with His.  Quite simply:  We walk by faith, not by sight   [2 Cor. 5:7]

i firmly believe that the Lord knows and understands our weakness and lack of faith despite all the instrutions He has left us in His Word, and that is why we also have so many physical, visible, touchable demonstrations of His love and consistency when we look back on the projects He has finished in our own lives as well as those of others.  Imitation is the highest form of  flattery regardless of whether it's wanting to knit a scarf using the same yarn and pattern as another knitter ... or when it's relinquishing my own desires in order to be Knit by Him because I have seen what He has done or is doing in someone else's life.  Resting in the reality of His Presence because of the Light He shines .... enables me to Knit by Faith and NOT by site .... and His works always turn out well!  The Hall of Faith as recorded in Hebrews 11 could be inspiration enough ... but He has graciously filled 1,651 pages [according to the Bible Scrapbook that He has left for me to use this morning] with example and inspirations and proven documentation of what He will accomplish when i yeild to His workmanship and design for the yarn of my life.   He guarantees a perfect fit when it's all said and done!

I am the Light of the world. 
Whoever follows Me with never walk in darkness,
but will have the light of life.
John 8:12

following His plans guarantees no frays or ravels - no loose threads to threaten my progress - when it's all said and done, the tails of each finished day will be woven into place, and i will reflect the sweet fellowship and  faithful design that has resulted from resting on the capable and skillful needles of my Creator and Master Designer.

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