Thursday, May 26, 2011

inside my knitting bag

afraid it's a bit quiet in my knitting bag these days .....  i'm working on a teddy bear .... all the pieces are done and just waiting for assembly ....

crocheting a bit as well in between ....  working on the little puppy hat with the brown patch eye ....

just little piddly projects that seem to be a bit of 'something to do' instead of the laundry!  ;)

bits of 'experimental' knitting [i've never knit a teddy bear before, much less assembled all these pieces] .... patience to knit a while, rip a while, try something new ..... browse Etsy for a while .... then flip over to Pinterest .... then knit a while .... think about washing clothes... sit down and let THAT thought pass!  

ever have those days .... or seasons?

but what i'm learning is that "progress" is not something to be measured against everyone else's accomplishments ... why do i feel less that 'adequate' because i have not managed to knit an entire sweater AND complimentary king sized blanket to match, all within the next 15 minutes???

God has promised to be WITH me ... He doesn't go about Life holding a measuring stick to see if i compare to what He's looking for ....  He doesn't stand back in the shadows and hide until i get close enough to hopefully catch a glance ... He has promised to be with me, right where i am, whether my arms are full or my shoulders are sagging,  when i've tripped and messed up or if i'm praying earnestly for His leadership and love ......

Jeremiah 29:13 states it clearly:  You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.

Plain and simple .... nice and easy .... inside the knitting bag of my heart, i'm finding Peace (in small pieces) that He is knitting together into a garment that will one day be a glorious garment designed by Him .. for me!

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