Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday's Smiles

last week the state of alabama was redefined ....

an F5 tornado cut a new and distinct path across our state, leaving a scar and scattering Life all along the way.

part of the 'scatterings' included our son's VW ..... 

it WAS at work at 5:10 PM (prior to the tornado)

and by 5:20 ..................

it was GONE!!!!

still can't find it ANYwhere ....

or ....

could it be?

There WAS a Hobby Lobby in the strip mall located behind our son's restaurant ...

wonder if it instinctively knew to just head on over to the yarn section ... and submerge itself in the yarn that was then scattered from Tuscaloosa to Anniston .... and all points in between!

gotta laugh .. to keep from crying ... or sleeping any more!

i've also come to realize that regardless of how you "decorate" it, it's STILL a Volkswagen!
which, is kind of like me:

regardless of how i dress up, do my hair, add jewelry (or pounds), i am still ME,
and on the inside, i am still a sinner ... saved by Grace!

Some things will never change, despite the clever packaging or camouflaging -
His Eternal Love and Forgiveness!

You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart.
Jer. 29:13

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