Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Today's "introduction" perhaps should come with an apology . . because it has the potential to be QUITE the temptation . . and even "Justification" for why you knit! With just one Click of the mouse you can find yourself inside a 21,000 square foot knitting room, filled to the brim with every yarn imaginable . . coupled with books and patterns and needles and spinning wheels that serve as perfect compliments and inspiration!  Webs - America's Yarn Store is a knitter's dream website because it contains a bountiful source, arranged by color, by designer, by manufacturer, by price . . a site that is very easy to maneuver AND to order from.  Webs is a family owned business situated in Northampton, Massachusetts and after 30 years is still very much a customer-based business.  They offer all sorts of classes should you ever find yourself fortunate enough to live close enough to make that drive.  The traffic from here in Alabama proves to be a bit of a drawback in making those classes for me!

One of my all time favorite things about Webs is that they offer DISCOUNTS!  The more you spend, the MORE you save!!!  and in today's economy that is more welcomed that ever!  Spend at least $60 on yarn AND books and they will discount your order by 20%.   If you spend over $120 you will receive a 25% discount.  What's NOT to love about that option . . and how can you NOT be inspired when really, you're just saving all that money on quality, name brand yarns that you've been craving. . but trying to be a wise consumer has kept you from the indulgence!

Webs has developed their own line of yarns, in addition to all that they carry.  Their brand, labeled and sold under the Valley Yarns tag, supports a large variety of options from Superwash Wool to Sock weight.  From $3.99 to $35.00, the variety of wool, silk, tencel or cotton, coupled with the alpaca and the polymide, make this yarn a very affordable knitting consideration.  One of my favorite things about this website is that for most yarns they offer amazing photographs that highlight that particular yarn so it is not hard to envision how something works up . . how it drapes or how it holds its shape . . the color accuracy and the clarity of their catalog pictures is very accurate . . if there was just some way for them to sale me all the TIME i need to get all the projects knitted that they so often inspire!

Yet another 'favorite' thing that Webs offers is their ebook Catalogue.  No more paper piles to hurt through . . just one click and i can be browsing through page after page of organized and seasonal considerations . . i can place virtual sticky notes on anything along the way so that when i need to return or reconsider something i can actually 'remember' all my questions or comments!  After visiting this site, i think you'll soon agree with me that yarn shopping can't get much easier!  Do you need something from Berroco - - or ArtYarnDebbie Bliss or Debbie Maccomber?  Looking for more Lorna's Lace or your favorite Spud and Chloe?  Perhaps you are a "Clearance" shopper, always in search of those great deals.  Well, Webs won't let you down!  There have a great "Close Out" tab that is filled with GOOD yarn . . not just the ugly fun fir that no one can envision what to do with!  and what i like about their entire system is that it is inventoried right in front of you ... you always know exactly how many balls/skeins/hanks are available BEFORE you order so you don't plan your project, push the "order" button and THEN find out they are 2 skeins short.   

Need a quick yet personalized gift for someone?  Did you know that you can order "Kits" from Webs in a variety of colors and skill ability?  For example, that picture is NOT of me  "shopping" at Webs . . it is a kit that you can order - - it includes the pattern and you then customize the color yarn you'd like and for only $12.74 (plus shipping) it can be delivered to your best-est friend who is wanting to learn how to knit socks!   They have kits for blankets and baby gifts, sweaters and  snoods . . and everything in between.  No gift wrapping to fuss with .. no bows to tie!    You never have to put on lipstick again to go buy your yarn . . just dig the mouse out from under your latest knitting project .... and within a few days . . you've got prizes at your doorstep!  (hopefully you've brushed your teeth a time or two in between the process!)
With the help of a computer so much of life has become so much easier to maneuver . . to 'browse' at a much slower and leisurely pace, rather than actually face the real issues of a pressing crowd.  The Internet brings reading material to the screen right in front of me .... my music streams through while i'm skipping from site to site, chatting with friends at the same time and making notes of knitting patterns in a Ravelry account simultaneously . . all while watching the cooking channel on tv and sitting inside my knitting room in my favorite rocking chair!  The 'safety' of such isolation may have its perks for the short time, but when the alarm goes off each morning and i am made so fully aware that it IS a new day, i find myself out in the real world with a different perspective . . Surrounded by people and yet often feeling quite "lonely," i am always reminded of the fact that i am NEVER forgotten!  I am never alone . . because of that precious day when i accepted God's most treasured gift - - when i confessed my sins and asked God to forgive my past as i committed to live a life that would honor Him.  On THAT day, He shared the gift of His Son with me and He PROMISED to never leave me .. or forsake me . . to take up permanent residence within my heart . . to carry my 'burdens' . . which are nothing more than the knots and messes that i make each day because i won't let Him help . .  

Though you have not seen Him, you love Him;
and even though you do not seen Him now, you believe in Him
and are filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy,
for you are receiving the goal of your faith,
the salvation of your souls. 
 I Peter 1:8-9

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