Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day Four . . and nothing's complete yet!

All the grandiose knitting plans for Spring Break '11 are still just sticks and string dreams .... nothing really completed yet ... lots of plans still lingering, still wrapped around my needles, but not bound off yet.  However, i'm a firm believer in that "YET" word ... because it's still 3 more days until that Monday morning school bell rings at 7:50 A.M.

So, to sum up the knitting side of things for the week:

1)  i STARTED on a new hat using taupe and inserting a black stripe every 3 rows ... and i'm liking my 'jogless join' technique i've learned from the pattern.

2)  i have managed to write a little knitting pattern for a baby 'mit' ... but haven't sewn the side seam ... so, yet another 'almost' done project ....

i LOVE this yarn!  Bernat "Jaquard"
that does ALL the work for you!
3) using the same yarn as the mit, i was feeling very sassy so i just found a hat pattern and started knitting for a baby hat .... and because i was so intrigued with the yarn i failed to do the 'reality' check .... i.e., i didn't check gauge for probably 4" worth of knitting but OOOOO, it looked so pretty!!!  it won't HOWEVER, fit around a baby's head!   guess this is where i realize that i should have worked harder on those 'word problems' in math!  Basically, my gauge is 5 stitches per inch ... and i cast on 64 stitches which translates into a circumference of alMOST 13" ... but wait! an average baby head is 15" so .....  can you say rip it out!  good thing i like this yarn and that it holds my interest!!!
4)  i have an 'order' for a scarf ... bright bold colors .... but the more i've talked with her the more i realize it needs to be a 'safe' kind of bold ... so i'm opting for a K2, P2 ribbed knit scarf in color blocks ... solid pink blocks alternating with variegated blocks ....  BUT i think i'm going to vary the blocks  . . 8 rows each, then 6 rows each, then 4 rows each, and then 2 rows each . . and then back out again!

and it WILL be finished and ready for delivery on Monday!  F I N I S H E D!!!

i need to have SOMEthing to show for my Spring Break ... because i clearly won't be sporting a savage tan !!!  and i don't want my attitude to reflect the frustration of unfinished projects ... or unfulfilled dreams .....  in fact, that's been on my heart much of today ... dwelling on how i 'thought' spring break would be ... versus the reality of how it really is .... asking God "why?" .... being tired from working in the yard .. and working so hard to make things go "my" way, i find it easy to slip into that whiney mood and 'bless my poor, pitiful heart' mindset ... until i stop long enough to hear Him singing to me, yet again ...

and today this is the verse He hummed to me .... ALL day long ....

Whatever is true,
whatever is noble,
whatever is right,
whatever is pure,
whatever is lovely,
 whatever is admirable--
if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--
think about such things.
Phil. 4:8

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