Saturday, September 4, 2010

September Kick Off!

what IS it about September? we've had this nice and hot leisurely summer filled with slower days, simply suppers, time with family and friends ... and then BAM!  it's Labor Day, we've packed up our white shoes and we're off and running!

School has started and actually, by now is back in full swing ...carpool lines ... football and dance and cheer practice .... music lessons .... dinners to fix ... Bible Studies and Choir Practice to squeeze in... and don't forget to make room for practicing at home, making lunches and fixing dinners .... doing the laundry (they can match their own socks!) .....  spending time with friends .... starting the morning with your Quiet Time  .... spending the evening working on homework and family time .... and somewhere in there ...  knitting?  Really!  OH MY SOUL!!!!  daytime routines soon find themselves being 'scheduled' just like a bus route ... perfecting the skill of drop off and pick up .. and not leaving anyone out ... or at home! 

This Subway lace pattern is a sweet and simple way to remind us to look for the "good" in the midst of the hurried .... a simple glance around while waiting could provide you with a glimpse into a beautiful work of art .... some unique tile configurations ..... who KNOWS what may be waiting to take our breath away if we could simply slow down enough for even a moment .....  His blessings are everywhere ... in the unexpected and the unexplained ....

(and in an attempt to actually get a grip on things BEFORE they get a grip on me ... i have to remind you ... that Christmas Eve is 111 nights from now ....  and Labor Day is a great SALE day for yarn .... i'm just saying ...... coupons and discounts are everywhere ....)

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