Tuesday, September 21, 2010

. . . a 3 Hour Tour . . .

my 1st traveling scarf.
i supplied the pattern and
friends added the colors!
ever have one of those days ... when nothing you try actually works! ???   i'm participating in another Traveling Scarf group and while the premise of this exchange is pretty neat, this particular go round has been more frustrating than relaxing.  Some scarves come with a specific pattern requested and then i just add the yarn of my choice ... others send yarn and pattern ... but then, there are those scarves who just are delivered - stuffed right into my mailbox .... and i get to choose the yarn AND the pattern myself ... which means ... THINKING!!!  PLANNING!!!!  PREPARATION !!!    me?  really?

what i knit going forward on this particular scarf is based on what has already been done .... so ... will my knitting compliment or contrast .... and what if the section prior to mine is all messed up?  I've actually had to rip out a few from a previous section in order to create a more uniform appearance ....  all in all, i'd have to rate this traveling scarf journey in my 'not so fun' category currently!  one of those 'checked off the bucket list' kind of things ... not to be done again!  (please don't let me do this again.... please?)

this is my newest scarf - -
who KNOWS what it will 
reflect when it arrives back
to me in December!
  i'm knitting now on a scarf for a friend i've never met but we're kindred spirits because we knit.  and it's just 5" of knitting that i'm required to contribute ... just 5"!  that's it!  should be quick and easy, right?  Well, i have now tried 4 different lace pattern  [none of which blended with what's already been knitted] ... and then RIPPED them back out to the lifeline (thank the LORD for the lifeline!).... i'm sitting here, whining on the sofa ... wondering if i should ever knit again?  just a bit dramatic and extreme perhaps  (ya think?) .... but REALLY!!!!   isn't knitting supposed to be FUN!!!  RELAXING!!!!   and i just need 5" of a pattern that will work! .....

perhaps this is just where God wants me though!  sitting ..... and waiting ....... and sitting some more .... and looking over the sections of my life where He has had me journey.  Which parts blended easily into the next phase - - and which patterns reflect a time of lack of discipline or of sweet fellowship with Him?  There have been many days when i've had to Rip Out the entire day because i failed to include Him and i made a mess of the pattern that i was opting to follow .....  there have been times when i tried to use the yarn of my choice when pursuing friends or jobs or dreams that He knew all along wouldn't compliment His pattern .... and He has patiently, and graciously allowed me to knit and rip so that i could ultimately learn to just Sit and Knit with Him ... when i follow His design for each step and stitch of my way i'm left with a beautiful assortment of compliemtary patterns and yarns that reflect an Adventure .. and not a Gilligan's Island "3 Hour Tour!"

In the morning, O Lord, You hear my voice;
in the morning i lay my requests before You
and WAIT in expectation.
ps. 5:3

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