Friday, September 3, 2010

"Can you hear Me now?"

my mom often recounts of a time when she was walking past my bedroom - i still quite small - but she heard me pleading with my dolls which were lined up all across my bed:  "if i could Just have 5 minutes of peace and quiet!" ..... HUMMMM!  Wonder where i had heard THAT from as a small child?  Personally, i see that i have the 'gift of gab' though i haven't been able to find the verse in my King James Bible that actually deems that gift as God given (but i'll be glad to tell that i'm sure it probably is.....  )

and although i have seen the eyeroll from my mom many times for talking WAY too much or too long into the wee hours of the night when my parents were trying to sleep... or watching bubba TRY to listen when i know, bless his heart, he was so hoping to watch his football/hockey/race on tv in peace and quiet .... yea well ... i can't help but wonder, and be convicted even, as i read ps. 46:10 this morning .....

Be still        and know        that I Am God.

Do you think that's God version of "if I could have have 5 minutes of peace and quiet" to all my relentless whining or questions or doubts or just idle rattling?  Or perhaps that's His promise to me, if'd i be still (and quiet), i could KNOW that He is God and i would have 5 minutes of peace and quiet .... which would drive me to sit and be still and taste and see that i long for 5 MORE minutes of His peace and quiet!!!!  Appears there's a pattern here .... and i do LOVE a good pattern!

So often i buy yarn with a specific pattern in mind - - determined to make it work i find myself knitting and ripping, my tension becomes tighter and tighter as i sit and try to convince myself that IT IS GOING TO WORK ... but finally (once my shoulders are up into my ears and my neck is hurting from fighting with these needles and string) i have to surrender and just sit .. and let the yarn tell ME what is appropriate ..... and sometimes, LESS is MORE!  I have discovered a really beautiful pattern for a wool scarf for my daughter... the simplicity has made it easy to memorize which has allowed me some precious time to sit and pray for her while i'm knitting and watching the yarn unfold ... and i can see all the potential falling right into a gentle coil in my lap as the scarf grows a row at a time...

cast on a multiple of 4 stitches, plus 2

Row 1 (WS)  *K2, P2*, repeat * *, end with K2.
Row 2 (RS)   *P2, w/ yarn in front, Slip 2 stitches purlwise * , repeat * *, end with P2.

perhaps this will be my Be Still and Know scarf ..... to find His peace and quiet in the stillness of the simple repetition of obedience, stitch by stitch, row by row ..... How His grace unfolds!

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