Thursday, September 16, 2010

more KISSes please . . .

a simple tri-fold of
knitting makes a beautiful
jewelry roll!
 still pondering on the simple KNIT stitch ... back and forth, back and forth .... you have to be careful that the simplicity doesn't turn into monotony ... which can turn into some major knitting ADD .... and before long your needles are set aside and you're dreaming of new and exciting projects and yarns and patterns ....... and the previous simple knit becomes a UFO (Unfinished Knitting Object) ....  ;(

in order to avoid an expensive piles of knitting UFO's it's necessary to stay focused ... have a plan! (sounds like i'm watching too much sports!) ...  Grab some 100% wool and get ready to knit to get out your aggressions!

sew up the sides and your
square becomes a make-up bag!

***With Size 13 needles and holding your wool doubled, cast on 15 stitches and knit for 20 rows. Bind off loosely and weave in the ends.  Toss these squares in the hot water of the washing machine and VOILA!  each skein of wool has the potential to yield 4 felted and very absorbant coasters!   (great for an early Christmas gift!)

***With Size 13 needles and holding your wool doubled, cast on 25 stitches and knit for 40 rows.  Bind off loosely, weave in the ends and once felted, you've got a trivet or potholder that can protect your counter ... and your hands .... for more knitting!

Feeling adventuresome?  Using size 9 needles, cast on 40 stitches and knit until the piece measures atleast 15" (or you could opt to knit until you run out of yarn - approximately 25" give or take).  Bind off loosely and get ready to felt.  
                   * If you stop at 15", sew up the sides, sew a triangle approximately 3/4" in from each end to create a 'base' for a felted cosmetic bag (add zipper, lining and embellish once dry).
                    *If you knit the entire length you'll find yourself with a long rectangle that will felt into a tri-fold jewelry roll or wallet with just a little planning.

Point to Ponder:  never underestimate Simplicity and Pressure!  When encountered, the hot water and aggitation transform a Simple Square (or rectangle) into a multitude of uses ....  much like the days that the Lord has ordered for me, the ups and downs and hills and valleys of my life are designed to ultimately bring Him glory.  The 'hot water' of trials, my willingness to 'be stretched' while i'm drying in order to finish His felting process .... all necessary steps to bring about an end result that makes me useful for His Kingdom work.  He's got the pattern ... [He always calls the right plays] .... now if i'll just relax - Trust Him and comply with His needles i won't find myself in His UFO pile .....

 "All the days ordained for me were written in Your book
before one of them came to be" 
ps. 139:16

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