Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rip . . Rewind . . ReNew

checking in the bag .... wishing it was organized and neat .... but am facing the reality of the tangled mess of 'creativity' ....  these days are filled with lots of hurry up and wait ... and my bag is most certainly a reflection of that mindset!

plans for the past saturday, spent in albertville at a show choir competition, were to get TWO scarves done!  my bag was packed with SIX skeins of yarn, crochet hooks and knitting needles, magazines/patterns/pictures, water bottle and snacks!  the bus ride was designated, in my mind, as the perfect amount of time to whip out a ripple wave scarf . . . and the 1st 200 stitches were easy!  but THEN .. there was the whole 'follow the pattern' thing ......  crochet a while ... rip it out!   try again .... rip it out!  it clearly turned into a sit and RIP rather than a sit and knit!  so i packed that option up and got out the options for scarf #2!  the best/worst part of the process is that i had a picture in my head ... but nothing in my bag!  so ..... cast on .... knit a while .... frowned!  ripped out!  cast on .... knit a while longer ..... TRIED to talk myself into satisfaction .... frowned!  ripped it out!  i have learned over the years that honesty IS the best policy so ripping out really isn't a big deal when you're not happy with your project .... but honestly!  i was starting to sound like the infamous FROG!!!!  Rip it!  Rip it!  Rip it! 

i LIKE it!

still working through my stash .... trying to knit an Alabama fan a scarf that will keep her warm and smiling for quite a long time.  Houndstooth HAS to be integrated ... and after doing some searching i found this Tweed Slip stitch pattern ... and i'm LOVING it!  it's a quick and easy knit, despite the 2 colors being used ... and i can see this one being added to the 12 months of scarves ... later in the year!   Now, if i can just find something equally as cute for the Auburn sister .. we'll have a whole family full of smiles!

Valentine options?

i found several patterns on Ravelry for some cute little hearts to knit ... or crochet ... so i pulled out my trusty crochet hook yesterday and whipped just a few of these out during choir practice yesterday morning (ooops!)  .... and STILL managed to play when i was needed, crochet while they were working on their dances ... and EVERYONE was happy!  

With a week that seemed to be filled with more Re-doing than actually forward progress i find that it's hard NOT to be discouraged at times.  Two rows added ..... Two INCHES ripped out!  the ebb and flow of my knitting so closely parallels most of the days of my life .... Two steps forward .. one GIANT bump backwards ..... and yet the one constant is that i am never alone!  Regardless of my direction, i know that the Lord is with me.  Regardless of my knitting mishaps, i know i've still got my yarn, i just have to figure out what the best options are .....  and i guess, the lesson here is to maintain the "REGARDless" mindset .... Sometimes i have the 'pattern' laid before me clear as day .. other times, not so much.  But i can . and will continue to choose to rest in His promise .... even if i have to speak in Frog-eze while i'm working! 

  I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; 
I will counsel you and watch over you. 
Psa. 32:8

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