Thursday, February 3, 2011

Confessions from the Knitting Bag . . .

. . . and i'm not referring to mySELF as that "Bag"!  As i sit here and look down inTO the knitting bag that i'm carrying this week i see what looks like the Black Hole . . the bag is FULL of stuff, but at the moment it doesn't look very productive!  In fact, it's a rather jumbled tangle of yarn and needles and magazines . . a guitar cable left over from Saturday's showchoir competition [too bad i can't convert it into a truly usely circular needle - - the cable is incredibly flexible!]  . . a notepad that i have failed to use when drafting a new pattern ....  oh wait!  there's no PEN for me to write with .... an 'emergency' tube of Dr. Pepper LipSmackers .... a few little Crystal Lite packets and some peppermints WAAAAY down in the bottom ... somewhere ....

at one time i also managed to cram my snack, lunch and dinner into that bag with ALL the yarn .... 4 additional skeins of cotton to knit a bib AND my water bottle!  So, while it's been a good carrying case for all my intentions, it's a bit discouraging to confess that although my bag was filled to the brim, my productivity can't say the same!

what KNOT to do!
This week i did manage to complete the Shadow Knit Washcloth AND i have knitted a really cute little Heart shaped baby bib ... i just have to find that pen and write the pattern down so i can post it on Monday!  and i have a really neat Cabled Scarf idea meadering around in my head ... but so far, i have knit probably 12" on it and ripped it out .... 5 times at least .. and thus ... i have a HUGE pile of yarn!

patiently waiting ...

Lesson Learned:  Worrying about getting something done does NOT make it actually happen!

I still have to figure out how to get little straps attached to the heart bib .. it's been sitting on my dresser staring at me since Sunday ... and it STILL doesn't have straps!

The Cable Scarf is GORGEOUS in my head .... but i can't get my fingers and yarn to cooperate ...... just YET!

Perhaps it's all about finding the help i need in the gift of TODAY!  In asking for help with the HERE and NOW!  What?  Ask for help? Out Loud?

God says to "Seek ... and you will Find! .... when you seek me with ALL your heart!   (how appropriate to hear that verse whispered this month!) ...
Genesis 16:13 ... Hagar acknowledged her awareness of God when she was brought to a halt after worying about things and trying to run away .... "You are the God who sees me" . . . "I have seen the One who sees me."  
Romans 8:31  "If God is for us, who can be against us?"

2 Corinthians 4:18  "So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen.  For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal."
So, today's declaration .... is to consider the lilies of the field;  they toil not, neither do they spin.  They just sit in the field and display, in all their gorgeous array of vibrant colors, a God who gives good gifts to His children.  If God cares this much about the lilies, that are here today and gone tomorrow, how much MORE does He care for me as His daughter!  Perhaps the mess i've made worrying about all my plans for "tomorrow's" knitting projects is a pretty accurate reflection of my heart as well ... worrying about what He's going to do about next week, i'm missing the beauty of today ..... I guess it's time for me to view that tangled mess of March's yarn as an exciting adventure into what God has in store .... not discouraged as i see it now, but Hopeful for what it will be become .. one day at a time!

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