Wednesday, February 2, 2011

are you a Runway Knitter?

When you look in the mirror do you ever see yourself as a Runway Model ?  NOT for Popular Mechanics or Pets Supplies Plus, but someone who has the "look"?  I know, you're shaking your head now and rolling your eyes with that wonderful "whatEVER" kind of roll, but i was just curious.  If i were to look in your knitting bag, or go swimming through your stash would it reveal you to be a runway "knitter"?  Or, do you have 2 skeins of everything in the world - which would easily (and safely) categorized you as the Queen of Scarves?  Why not take off your tiara for a little while, grab another great source of inspiration and get ready to take your knitting up a notch by thinking a bit more of yourself and your talents, gifts and abilities - consider using your coupons next time to buy a copy of Vogue Knitting (and then you won't feel like it's such an overindulgence that you're not ready for or worthy of!)

do NOT wrinkle your nose as you read this ... not YET! don't EVEN start shaking your head and say NO WAY . . i don't WANT to knit a full size coat to wear on top of the Empire State Building! This publication is a wonderful source of inspiration and practical application for all that yarn you have just lying around in your knitting bag or in your secret stash.  And while you may not feel like you can tackle an entire sweater, you may actually find a new approach to all your SCARVES!!!!  yes!  that's right!  they have patterns for SCARVES . . that are a bit beyond the ever so popular Knit a row, Turn.  Knit a row, Turn.  Oh My!  They actually use Purls on Purpose! 

and while it's still February and we're sitting here waiting for a groundhog to pop his head out of the ground, Vogue is busy with Vacation Plans .... knitting with Cotton and thinking warm, summer thoughts.  Why wouldn't you feel brave enough to knit that cute little summer sweater featured above?  Seems to me that this would be a great Partner Project .... why not find someone to journey along beside you .... start your own little "Knit-A-Long" now so that by Spring/Summer you both have something new and different to wear?  Our public library has an extensive collection of current AND back issues that you can check for 3 weeks at a time before renewing ... or forgetting and paying fines!

VOGUEknitting   the ultimate knitting experience

Too much snow and ice to get out at the moment?  Then visit Vogue on line.  This is yet another great source for patterns ... FREE patterns .... and you HAVE to check out their Stitchionary .... just click on the Resources tab on the Home page and get ready to Want to Swatch!  (who knew!) ....  Thinking outside the box, or the knitting bag, is often a scary proposition, but certainly one that is worth being entertained.  Refuse to see yourself a Just the Queen of the Scarves .... step out in faith to follow the dreams that others have knit before you.

God calls each of us to live that way every day .... to dare to hold His hand in Faith as we walk through Life.  To be a Runway Model for Him .. one that reflects His good works, His grace and mercy, His miracles and His Majesty!  Satan would want us to live the lie of unworthiness, to find security in the corners and off the beaten path so that others would have no inclination as to the Wonders of God, and yet our Father extends His hand and calls us to Him in so many ways every day, if we just dare to listen, to dream, to follow His gentle lead.  Did you hear a bird chirp today?  Ever consider that that was the Lord whistling good morning to you?  That blast of cold, fresh air?  Perhaps a greeting from Him to remind you to look UP and seek His face - His mercies are new and fresh each day!   Some days His Presence is so obvious we can't miss it (and clearly He knows that works best for me), and other days His gracious Spirit is sprinkled in the subtle little nooks and crannies, just waiting for a little Ah-Ha Moment when i stumble upon them!

Psalm 105:4 says Look to the Lord and His strength;  seek His face always!  We have no reason to ever NOT consider ourselves as Runway Models for Him!  We have been saved to serve - not sit!  Reconciled to Him -  to proclaim every step of the way His goodness and mercy and to proudly wear the Crown of Redemption ... the Sash over our shoulder that bears the title of  Daughter of the King!

His Runway Knitter!

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