Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Vacation Bible School for Adults

i remember LOVING summer time because it meant Vacation Bible School time for me and all of my friends!  i remember lining up outside the front of the church ..... finding my friends who were in the same grade with me, giggling and raising our hands wildly to be selected to be the Bible Girl or the Flag Carrier representative ....  i remember making sure i had my offering within easy access so i could make my contribution when the offering plate passed down our row .....  i remember how relaxed and comfortable the teachers seemed to be during the week when they were not so 'dressed and pressed' like they were on most Sunday mornings ....

i remember hearing the Stand Up and Sit Down chords being played during opening assembly time ... and loving the fact that i had taken piano for 2-3 years and could actually distinguish the difference (not that piano lessons really helped as much as the fact that i wasn't talking but was paying attention to when our leader stood UP or DOWN!) ....  i remember all the Bible Stories and themes that were used to decorate our department rooms ... and the props that were available to re-enact the Bible stories, i.e., wire clothes hangers and stockings stretched over them to make masks ...

i LOVED break time .... a) because i could talk without getting in trouble
                                        b) i could be outside with my friends and talk and not get in trouble
                                        c) because we always got 2 sandwich cookies and a cup of lemonade OR
                                                 3 butter cookie "rings" ... remember those?  we would drop them over      
                                                 our fingers and munch on them like they were rings to wear, along with  
                                                 our designated cup of lemonade ... and of course, i could talk and not get
                                                 in trouble!

BUT  my all time favorite part of Bible School was ........    CRAFTS!!!!

i can still remember one of my favorite projects (because it took ALL week!) was an old board that had a rooster outlined on it ... and we had to completely fill in the bird with beans!  and what an asSORTment of beans we had to choose from and glue down!  all the colors and textures ... i was convinced that i was creating the next Masterpiece for them to hang in the foyer of our little church!  (and who DOESN'T want a bean rooster adorning the entry to God's House? what a wonderful, welcoming message to all visitors, yes?)

and i also remember one year going to a friend's church with her and we made these awesome crosses out of a MILLION toothpicks all glued down in a really cool angular pattern ... and then we stained them ... and then we sprayed a sealant on them so they would last forEVER !!!  (or until our moms threw them away when they were cleaning up our rooms!) ....

LOVED me some craft time ... and it would appear that my summer is bearing a strangely retro resemblance to all those many years ago ....

my current 'craft' project will be the final compliment to the hole at the top of my yarn wall ......  the buckets are great ... and i LOVE being able to see all the colors of my yarn .. to pick and choose, to mix and match .....   i wanted a cute/clever/wise/poetic something or other to cap it off ... and i found it

More Yarn Than Time

p  e  r  f  e  c  t  !!!!

so i purchased wooden letters yesterday at my "home away from home"- - Hobby Lobby - - using a gift card i had received as a gift (duh!)  and have been playing with my yarn and glue for hours now!

and throw in some crocheting and knitting projects .... and i am one happy clam right now!  quiet in the house, heart and hands are busy ....  it's going to be a great day!

frog bib ... in the making ...
pattern (hopefully) Friday
under the Au Pair tab!

and as far as the Bible Story portion of my Vacation Bible School time this morning i was reading still in the book of Daniel .... and must confess that it's been a LONG time since i had read much in my Old Testament other than my Psalms and Proverbs .....  but because the morning had been so still and quiet i approached my reading like it was a Book ... not just a passage .....  not just a single 'devotional' thought or story .... but rather a "pack your lunch and go get lost in the book" kind of reading .... and i have found some WONDERFUL things ... just little quips and nuggets that God has used to whisper hope and reminders of His Plan and Purpose .... His love ..... His CLAIM on my devotion ... His Longing for my dedication and consistent service to Him!!!

Look at this:  Daniel 6:26 - 27 (a decree from King Darius regarding his observations based on Daniel's consistent walk with the Lord)  
"For He is the living God and He endures forever!
His kingdom will not be destroyed, His dominion will NEVER end.
He rescues and He saves;
He performs signs and wonders in the heavens and on the earth."

*all from Daniel's faithful and consistent walk ... that matched his talk! (and prayer time)

and look at this verse.... Daniel 9:23 in response to Daniel's clarification regarding a dream he had had:

"As soon as you (Daniel) began to pray, an answer was given.... for you are highly esteemed."

Seriously?  when was the last time you honestly thought - out loud or otherwise - that your prayers were pushed to the front of the line/list?  and yet, God promises to hear us .....  it just really bolstered my spirit to think that one of His servant's questions and prayer for clarification could command an angel messenger's attention and reply!

Hebrews reminds me:  13:2
"Don't forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it!"

and 1:14  "Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?"

i'm on my 2nd cup of coffee (the adult version of lemon aide) ... eating peanut butter crackers in place of my 2 designated sandwich cookies ....   all i need now is an offering plate and i can call today another wonderful day at Vacation Bible School ....

off to glue ... and ponder and pray ... for a messenger moment today!  (wonder what "angel" hair looks like?)

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