Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday and Frogs


it's FRIDAY ....

and my Lil Frog is done!

and His smile is matching mine right now .....

i'm loving these quick projects that don't really require too much thinking in the middle of the summer heat!

i've been looking through my cotton stash and spotting large 'left over' balls that would be great for working on new crochet stitches AND also serve as more than just a designated "swatch" ..... why not turn them into wonderful little washcloths!  for some reason, back in the day, i bought one of those 'CONES' of white cotton .... and am thinking that i will spend time this summer working on a collection of these little washcloths .... in fact, i could do a PILE of them in white .. and then use up some of my other smaller stashballs for a pretty, colorful trim .....  and if i have a plethora of little squares to pick and choose from at any given time then it wouldn't be a big deal at ALL to whip on a personalized trim and bundle them together for a sweet little baby gift .... or a soft and frilly feminine spa package ... or a simple but thoughtful "you've been on my heart lately and i wanted you to know that i was praying for you" prize!

The pattern for the Lil Frog is posted (or will be in a minute) in the Au Pair tab .... hope you enjoy!  Have a great weekend!

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