Tuesday, December 7, 2010

on the 5th day of Christmas . . .

          my True Love gave to me


5 Golden Rings refers to the first Five Books of the Old Testament, the "Pentateuch", which unfolds the story of man's fall from grace. Just think about that .... we have written record, that we can read over and over and over of our selfish selections despite God's grace and favor ... 5 books that record in detail all the bad choices that mankind made ... 5 books FULL of reasons for our True Love to turn His devotion elsewhere ... 5 books brimming with logical explanations as to why He should  love anyone BUT me ....

and yet, we also have 5 books FULL of Redemption's plan, implemented from the very 1st fall .... and consistently documented throughout  the remaining 61 books as well .... each one stating in their own unique penmanship, the Promise of His abiding faith, His undying love and devotion to each of His children.  In our society today we use the ring to symbolize such commitment ... Rings have no beginning and no End, and the Rings He chose to seal His wholehearted loyalty and dedication to each of us has been penned from before time ...and His Promise of an eternal commitment that brings us to Him despite our failings can be read .... can be tucked within our hearts so that any time we can be reminded of His allegiance ..... He's in it for the long haul ... not just when it's convenience for Him .... or me .... but ... forEVER!  (and then some!)

what if i could propose a profitable reason for swatching?  i know, it's hard to imagine, but i do believe i may have stumbled upon a justifiable reason to swatch . . . what about a special, one of a kind bracelet ...or do a "set" of 5 golden rings to share. Visit your local dollar store for a bangle  - - thick or thin ... or perhaps you have some left over from some of your "younger" days and wardrobe choices.

now you see the bottle . . .

. . now you don't!
 i'm not a fan of bangles because i don't like the clanking BUT would definitely be open to using this method with a plastic 2 liter soda bottle .....that's right! an empty plastic bottle could be THE perfectly quiet answer to your 5 golden rings ... and soft and gentle melody of gift giving .....

or, it all else fails, what about a pretty ltitle charm from the craft store or from a special antique boutique and use this i-cord option .... don't be afraid - you've finally got a reason to use those double pointed needles!  and look how soft and sweet ... quick and easy .... this option has the potential to be yet another 5 Gold Ring favorite!  (in fact, you may have so much fun with THIS version that you'll have a necklace before you know it! ... i just don't know the verse for necklaces ... just the 5 gold rings one!)

Did you know that the number 5 represents GRACE throughout the Bible? Grace means favor. But favor has many 'forms' ....  when  Favor is shown to those in misery it is called mercy; favor shared with the poor is called pity; favor given to the suffering is called compassion; when we show favor to the hard to love we call it patience: but favor shown to the unworthy is called  GRACE, and God Himself has set the greatest example of such favor and grace -- He willingly gave His one and only Son to YOU ... and if you think about that,     dwell on it,       just sit and realize that such a gift is favor indeed;  it is truly Divine in its source and in its character.  Man made a willfully bad decision in the very 1st book of the Bible that broke the design for a perfect existence and fellowship with the Father, and for the next 65 books, our True Love has revealed His Grace, lavished His Love and demonstrated His sincere desire to repair and restore a right relationship with Him.

"For sin shall not have dominion over you,
for you are not under law but under grace"
Romans 6:14

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