Thursday, December 2, 2010

on the 2nd day of Christmas . . .

so . . have you started humming yet?  have you thought about our new song in a different way now that it has a different and more significant option for meaning?

On the Second Day of Christmas my True Love gave to me
Two Turtle Doves
and a Partiridge in a Pear Tree.

The gift of 2 turtle doves represents the "Books" of the Old and New Testament, both of which have served as instructions and guides and reflections on God's goodness, grace and mercy.  Contained within the pages of each "Book" you find the Christmas story and the gentle yet earnest desire of God to restore each of us to a completed relationship with Him.   Consider them as a symbol of the Sacrifice that was required in the past.  If you didn't have a lamb or an ox to provide, those less fortunate could often purchase 2 doves to serve as their sacrificial offering.  History shows that the number "2" often means witness throughout scripture - - Old Testament laws required 2 witnesses serve as judge when dealing with issues related to life or death.  (Deut. 17:6, Deut 19:15).  However we no longer live under the laws of the Old Testament and yet Our True Love still provides a Way for us, in our meager and impoverished sinful state, to come to Him.  He reveals Himself in multitudes of ways throughout the Scriptures. .... Two Turtle Doves .... and a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

As you spend the day today pondering on this new and relevant twist on things, why not include a little sachet knitting ... letting the sweet soaps or potporri serve as a fragrant reminder of the many "gifts" we receive from Our True Love ... and the small ways we can share this love with others.   This is a quick project and great way to just up sock yarn ... or other remnant of your 'stash' that you may have sitting around and waiting to be worked. 

Use a size 3 needle if working with sock yarn (or whatever size is appropriate to the weight of yarn you are using),    Cast on 56 stitches with two needles held together, in order to create a softer and less binding beginning.

Rows 1 & 3:  Knit
Rows 2 & 4:  Purl
Row 5: (Eyelets): K1, *K1, YO, 2Ktog* repeat, end w/ K1.
Row 6:  Knit
Row 7:  Purl

Continue in Stockinette Pattern (knit and purl each row) until you reach your desired length.
Bind off.
Fold in half and using a Mattress Stitch, close up the bottom and side in order to create a pouch.

Optional:  You can add a crocheted edging to this by beginning at any point, chain 3, *1 sc, skip 1 stitich, 3 sc in the next stitch, skip 1 stitch *, repeat around. Join and weave in ends.

Run a ribbon through the eyelet holes and fill with an aromatic soap or wax chips or potporri.  These quick little "gifts" can be tucked in drawers, tossed into a suitcase or collected in a bowl for a beautiful and fragrant display.

This is always a great way to try your hand at a little bit of lacework ..... it's a little larger than a "swatch" but will be a sweet little gift to share your handwork and your heart!

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