Monday, June 21, 2010

Confessions of Knitting Knerd!

my 1st full week of summer is over and has actually proven to be filled with lots and lots of Knitting Knowledge!  i'm been flipping through my knitting books, searching on the internet and knitting and ripping and trying again until i felt like i had a really strong grasp of the concept that The Knitting Guild is looking for in the swatches that are submitted for review.

Did you know that are a million different ways to Cast On?  To INCREASE stitch counts? To Bind Off? ... and that's just the first 6 swatches i've done so far!

And in the midst of all the swatches and research i received a package from Knit Picks filled with more sock knitting needles and cables ... AND a couple of skeins of yarn - rightly called Gingerbread House - just waiting for another pair of socks!  I'm LOVING the Magic Loop method and have actually been able to incorporate (justify) what i've learned knitting socks into my Swatches for TKGA! 
 Things Accomplished on my To-Do List for this Summer                        6 of the 16 swatches completed  for the Master Level 1, as well as notes being taken for the Questions AND the Paper that is required (i've even borrowed a MLA book from a friend so i can cite my sources.  Another pair of socks have been started and i've learned yet another way to knit a heel - and i think i like it better than the 1st pair which has a heel flap - but we'll wait to see.  Who knew there was such a thing as an hourglass heel?

Socks on ONE needle
Magic Loop - Hourglass Heel and Toe

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