Thursday, June 10, 2010

start the clock! ....................

Summer's here and all those things i've put off until "summer" are now .... being recorded on a list and requiring me to put my money where my mouth has been for the past 9 months!   Time to sit still long enough to MAKE a list ... and then start Checking it off! ....  Suddenly i'm a bit panicked at that option .... can it all be done????  let's make the list and see...

1st and foremost:  I want to complete Level 1 of the Master Hand Knitting Program.  This will require 16 swatches, a knitted toboggan and a paper to be written.  Lots to new things to learn .... which technique would be "best" in a given scenario rather than always reverting back to comfort of 'the way i've always done it!" .... knitting in the round - changing colors - all while creating 'jogless' stripes ... who knew?  and a 2 page, single spaced paper on Blocking and Care of Knitted Garments.  My ultimate goal:  to be a knitting nerd, complete with a knitting watch that sports a ball of yarn and needles on the face!

2nd:  i would like to have the rest of the lace 'calendar scarf' complete - or atleast all of the patterns picked out for the remainder of the year.  Once all the patterns are picked out, i'd be content with having July AND August also knitted, photographed and charts typed, ready to be posted at the appropriate time.

3rd:  Complete 2 more pair of socks!  i've learned how to knit using the Magic Loop method and would like to perhaps get a jump on some Christmas and/or birthday gifts.

4th:  In the midst of all of this i have once again joined in a traveling scarf group so that will require a new 'section' to be knit and mailed every 2 weeks ..... which will equate to approximately 4 sections of knitting during my 'summer' break!

Clock's ticking ..... 41 days of summer before time to report back to begin another school year.... better get those needles clicking too!

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