Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just July .....

Where has the time gone?  For 6 months we've been knitting small sections of lace ... learning new techniques ....increases, decreases, yarn overs (that are legit and not mistakes!) .....and each month serves as a small documentation of things, times, places ... a journey that we're half way through.

however in the midst of all this lace i found myself taking a quick summer siesta .... put down the lace, the swatches for the Master Knitting class ... and picked up some cotton .... i am participating in a Cloth and Soap swap through a group on Ravelry so i finished cloths for a mother & daughter and then sent an extra cloth to a new friend who is currently undergoing chemo and didn't feel like she could participate.   i found some really neat soap molds on line and make each of them a complimentary bar of "knitting soap" .. scented w/ sweet pea .. packed them up and mailed them off!

Moss Stitch & Basketweave
make pretty washcloths

Easy Peasey Baby Bib
pattern available for free

and since i was on such a cotton roll i managed to complete 2 of the easiest little baby bibs for some upcoming showers .... $1.87 = 2 little prizes.  it doesn't get much better than that!

and did i mention that i finished my 1st pair of socks!!! and am hoping to put the toe in sock #1 of my 2nd pair!   i am LOVING this Magic Loop Sock knitting .... don't you want to join me?  i PROMISE .. it's so very easy ... just 1 set of circular needles and 95% of the time ... you just KNIT!!!!!  (unless you just WANT to get all complicated!) ....

July's lace pattern is attached ... how much fun to find 'fishtale' lace ... in the middle of summer ... 4th of July .. fishing and picnicking and just enjoying time with family and friends ... Click here to cast your yarn ... to catch the only fish that will leave a smile on your face and no foul fish odor when it's all said and done!

Don't forget to check out the Pattern Drawer for back lace patterns or look at The Stitch Knitch for instructions for the washcloths.

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