Friday, July 23, 2010

St. Louis Summer

it's been a simple summer ... an overzealous 'to do' list that has reminded me just exactly why i DON'T like "to do" lists .... too much pressure because i write down too much, can see too many things to be done and then panic at the thought of all that is NOT being done rather than celebrating all the things that HAVE BEEN accomplished.  For instance:  my Knitting Class with The Knitting Guild .... 16 swatches to do - only 6 completed.  BUT  i also wanted to learn to knit socks using the Magic Loop ... and i actually DID get that done .... not just one pair but TWO pair of socks ....
are they pretty?  from a distance, yes!  up close ... well ..... i'll just say i have learned aLOT .... i'm really good at ripping out and 'reloading' the stitches on my needles ..... and have already started my 3rd pair.

We spent the weekend with Bo in St. Louis and during that special time i discovered some really neat places to sit and knit while there ....

Socks at the Cardinal's Game
Socks at the Arch
worked on my Knitter's Tan
and WOOL socks by the pool!
Always time to grab a few quick stitches wherever we went ... the kids had fun swimming, i had fun listening to them laugh with each other, and i got a few more rows done on my socks!  The Cardinal's played a great game, and yes! i DID watch the game, but found time to sit and knit between innings!  And the Arch!  It was beautiful .. but also VERY Hot on that Saturday so i sat for a minute and looked out over the Mississippi River and added a few more rows to my socks....

Before long we were heading back to Birmingham and by the time we crossed over the Missouri state line i had finished my 2nd sock of the pair, complete w/ Kitchener Stitch, and quickly grabbed a new skein for a new pair. I think these will be straight knit, easy and mindless and striped in lavender and green .... some Debra Norville yarn i found at Joann's to try.  

just one of MANY rows
 inside The Loopy Ewe!
While we were out and about on Friday Bo was kind enough to let me stop in at The Loopy Ewe (  .... and WOW!!!!  what an amazing selection of yarn to actually see in person!  And the ladies that were so busy working their mail order side of the business were kind enough to stop and help and offer advice and suggestions .. i found yarn for MORE socks for me, for Bo and for ... ???  if you get a minute check out their web site ... and just get ready!  so much fun ....

it's time to go back to work and while my To Do list still has much To Be Done, i do believe that the simple summer of 2010 has left nice feeling of satisfaction at learning that even small steps of progress count!  Knit So Simple ... one row at a time!

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