Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanks Giving

Last Christmas Rachael and I tackled this "project" for my knitting room. She posed for her picture, took my picture then helped me crop and color things in photoshop. We painted the verse on the wall, mounted our photos onto canvas and hung them with the scarf i had knitted to connect the two .... and now, when i sit in my rocking chair tucked into the corner of my room, i see that precious verse and continue to whisper that prayer that the Lord has been hearing from me for the past 27 years!

My children mean the world to me and daily i thank the Lord for such a precious gift. Their choices aren't always mine but God continues to remind me that He is Faithful and will forever hold them in the palm of His hand because they have all given their hearts to Him at an earlier age! Watching them grow and leave the house to find their way, under His leadership, is what we dream of as parents..... hearing the cardoor slam as they return Home to visit is this Mom's music! Bo is home, watching HD Football and eating (he swears this is Heaven on earth right now!) and Rach got in last night. And before we could even get things unloaded she was asking if i was ready to show her how to knit! .... i tried to act like i didn't have time, but PLEASE!!! this has only been something i've longed for for.... EVER maybe?? :)

i had shown her the basic knit stitch several years ago, but life and friends and school pulled her attention elsewhere and it was tucked back in a far corner. However, once she picked up the needles the motion returned, and she was off and knitting with a simple little nudge of encouragement. After a few rows i asked, rather meekly, if she was interested in learning to purl .. .ABSOLUTELY! and she was off again! it didn't take too long for her to decide that she was Ready for her 1st project .. .and it couldn't be 'just plain, straight knitting'!!!

i pulled a copy of 101 Luxury Yarn One-Skein Wonders off the shelf and she opted for a lace scarf pattern (gotta love those precious over-achievers who aren't fearful enough to know they should actually think it might be too hard!)

yes, at this moment in time my heart it happy. no, actually my heart is skipping and giggling and thankful for a precious moment with my daughter. to look over and see Bo, all stretched out on the sofa, breathing deeply (aka snoring) makes me smile. to then glance over and see her sitting beside me on the sofa, reading a pattern and being able to find her mistakes and to see the smile when she completes a row and then to observe that her shoulders are NOT up under her ears ... that she is smiling while she's knitting ...

so much to be thankful for .... NOW ... when she visits my stash, we may just have to talk! :)

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