Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sharing a Hug

When was the last time you opened your arms and extended a hug to someone in need? Did they walk right in .... sink close into your embrace and together you both understood all those things that words can't express.

Have you ever thought that your knitting was often a hug as well? We have a special student in our choir class who is battling a return of an earlier childhood leukemia ... chemo has left him with a bare head for the time being and the students in our choir have banded together for a Hat Party for him. They brought hats and more hats to class on Friday ... some brought stocking caps, some brought fedoras, beanies, reindeer antlers, baseball caps .. you name, they brought. and when all was said and done a box FULL of hugs are on their way to this precious child who is now waiting a bone marrow transplant so he can return to class.

i found some cashmere in my stash that was just waiting for this hug! Knit Simple, Winter 08, had several awesome options to consider and within a few hours a hug and a prayer was knit into this cap and hopefully soon onto his precious head, serving as a reminder that our hands are always extensions of God's grace and love and mercy ....

our yarn .. His Hugs!

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