Monday, July 6, 2009

This week i'll ponder on ....

Crossing over to the Crochet Side

Family feuds ... matters of opinion ... downright animosity ...

For years lines have been drawn with regard to the 'superiority' of knitting vs crocheting (or vice versa) To me i just don't see why we can't all get along and keep buying more yarn! Why not play (or knit) nice, keep an open mind and continue to grow as a knitter by picking up some new techniques from the world of crochet.

It's WAY too hot outside so why not stay in where it's cooler and consider that although crocheting uses a single hook versus 2 knitting needs, many of the principles still apply. You start with the same slip knot and everything is built off the chain stitch base, much like casting on with knitting.

Once you've conquered the basic stitch you continue to add to your crochet 'resume' by adding variations on the therem - and before long you are the Granny Square Queen. You can also make beautiful edging to compliment your knitting or add that special finishing touch to a washcloth or handknit shawl.

Need some help? is a great beginning. And don't forget to add to your knitting website favorites as well! Need picture ... YouTube is a just a click away!

Black and white keys on the piano make beautiful music together, so why not consider ..

hooks & needles, knit & crochet
each showcase our gifts in such a beautiful way.

God Bless America ... land that i love!

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