Saturday, July 25, 2009

simple saturdays

sometimes i think i get so busy looking for the 'ultimate' thing to knit or crochet and i forget that life really is only as complicated as we make it! simple things - simple gifts - are often much more effective and speak volumes in their simplicity... and it is ME that fumbles the ball of yarn and makes a mess out of my intentions!

Such frantic searching can lead one to overlook the obvious .. i.e., the granny square. Do i HAVE to make a HUGE afghan in order to pay proper homage to the granny square and make it the 'end-all-be-all' gift? i recently found another option for granny's square .. modified for the children and/or the young at heart .... and while i'm not really sure how the trademark issues would be to sell such gifts, i know that anything i share from my heart to yours has no financial measure to it ... it's Priceless!

Granny Squares can be filled with kitty cats, hearts, flowers, simple squares .... limited only by your imagination and/or ability to find the pattern if you're not feeling so brave! I found the cat square at How cute would a sweet little washcloth made with these sweet little kitties be (lots of good bubble bath time!) .... what about a little purse with cats and flowers and lots of pink or red? is LOADED with options ....

Go fix a glass of iced tea .... start doing some surfing and before long the sweet and simple summer days will return with plenty of options for making memories that last a lifetime.

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