Tuesday, July 21, 2009

enjoying the summer breezes

yes, i know it's July and technically it's supposed to already by 100 degrees outside but God has been so gracious this week to share some cooler weather with us ... lows in the mid 50s and highs only around 80ish ..... it was perfect for some time at the lake with friends ... and even better time to sit outside on the porch swing and work on my dishcloth to send to my swap buddy.

this is a pattern called Heart Lace Cloth, designed by S.M. Kahn and is available from her site at http://smariek.blogspot.com/. It's is a great way to work on some lace and learn some new techniques. I used a long tail cast on and then finished off with the casting-on cast off found in Elizabeth Zimmerman's book, Knitter's Almanac, page 143 . So although i took some time out to knit i couldn't help but wonder if there was some way to work this block into the Babette Blanket as well .... and special little heart block tucked in among all the granny squares. Yea well, just a point to ponder .....

i have completed sections one through four so far .... and can already see it all taking shape .. i've tried it out on the back of one of our sofas and must admit ... it's going to look good!
another fun thing i've discovered this week, as much out of
necessity as anything else, is that i can strap all my yarns together in a fun little bundle with one large piece of 1" elastic pinned around all 9 skeins of yarn ... as i crochet, they dwindle in size but the elastic shrinks with them and continues to keep them all together ... it makes choosing colors so much fun to just reach down and pull from the middle of whatever color makes me happy at the moment .... and when it's time to stop and cook dinner or fold some clothes i can just pick the entire bundle up and set it aside rather than fumbling with trying to corral 9 skeins at once.

Time to tackle section 5 ..... two 8-round squares mixed with a few smaller ones ..... hope there's something good on TV tonight! you know these squares would make good Christmas gifts for teachers if done in cotton and wrapped around a pretty little bar of soap .... and just think how nice it would be to be AHEAD if you start stockpiling them now!
just another point to ponder ......

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  1. Well, I found your blog!! Love the heart dishcloth, and the granny square blanket will be so pretty and colorful.

    Karen aka firesideknitter