Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Garden

May is a month filled with hope ..... Femininity is celebrated as we stop and express our gratitude to all those women in our lives whose hearts and dedication have made a difference and impact in our every day. Flowers are blooming - all those seedlings are beginning to show promise as we pause long enough to follow the tendrils of a plant that is moving slowly and steadily towards the warmth of the sun .... Hope that was planted months before now gives way to a garden landscape that is beginning to grow together and fill in all those empty spaces ..... isn't that kind of how motherhood works as well? What is it about the role of a woman in our lives that compells them to see beyond the small seeds of kindness that are planted, that stirs them to nurture, and prune and weed and continue investing in a hope or dream that perhaps we ourselves don't see ... but in their wisdom, they believe in ... and are dedicated to see it brought to fruition! ?

This month's lace pattern was found on Ravelry as i searched the patterns for leaf lace. When i saw these leaves, i knew it was May - and the garden i often dream of having, despite my obvious lack of green thumb, was captured in lace. This will make a beautiful scarf if done in nothing but these leaves ... and watching the gentle swaying that seemed to grow as the yarn fell from the needles and into my lap has me weeding out my stash now for another garden to cast on and share in anticipation of gifts for those women in my life who truly are the flowers of blessing that only God could send my way!

Click here so you can beginning sowing the knits and purls of YOUR own lace garden and watch how gently the soft and lacey rows will bloom ... right where you plant them.

"A single rose can be my garden .... a single friend, my world."
Leo Buscaglia

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