Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day

clover lace

Sometimes it's those simple pleasures that capture our hearts and bring memories of long ago right back to the front ... recalling younger days when the priority for the afternoon was which jar was 'adequate' for catching the bees that buzzed through the clover patches that were scattered throughout the front yards of our neighborhood.
Remember those little white flowers that would pop up in the midst of the clover ... we'd collect them during recess at school and string them together to make a necklace.... we'd sneak up on those little bees flitting around those blooms and we were convinced that once in the jar they'd be happy to be there ... of course, we included clover and flowers for their accommodations ... we were very thoughtful!

March Calendar scarf - CloverFields March memories have to include clover .... the 3 leaf kind because we seldom 'encountered' a 4 leaf one .... so why not capture that in an easy month of lace .... those little Yarn Over's, Knit 2 Together's and Slip, Slip, Knits will soon reveal your very own patch of clover to scatter on your scarf .... Click Here to take a peek in the Pattern Drawer - look for 2010 Lace Calendar Scarf and get started on your own field of clover

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