Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Budget Blessings!

angel stash
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The older i get the more i've come to understand that is really IS all about perspective! Some people NEVER seem to be content with what they have - they're always in search of "IT" ... just ONE more thing ... and then there are those people who would give you the shirt off their back -- the blanket off their needles -- the favorite knitting book off their shelf!

i recently participated in a "Swap on a Budget" group in Ravelry. The goal was to be assigned to a secret pal and over the course of a few months leave clues along the way, coupled with survey questions completed at the initial signing, that would land a budget-friendly swap of knitting prizes from a new friend. The naticipation of waiting for the revealmednt, coupled with the fun of knitting for someone else - collecting goodies and prizes that would fit within the allotted budget constraints - made for a fun adventure. You suddenly find yourself looking for things that you think your new friend would like - in her favorite colors or scents or sizes. Budget conscience shopping was seen as an acceptable, rather than taboo, challenge now! and knowing that my secret pal would receive hre git with open arms AND heart made the trips to the sales rack even more fun! (not to mention it helped justify the shopping! :)

Shopping - or knitting - for someone else seems to be the reason we ALL do much of what we do. The heart of a knitter, I have learned, is a gracious one - always seeking to bring a smile or a hug or a simple expression of love into the life of someone else. We've worked on blessing blankets and baby bibs and discovered the joy and contentment of giving! However, to be the recipient of such generosity - though never our original intent - really IS a special place to be as well!

During the swap my 'secret pal' had to have emergency surgery (unbeknownst to me) and as i waited and waited for my 'prize' to arrive i found myself reverting into a smaller, and more juvenile child with each passing day that my mailbox remained empty! However, the moderator of our forum was busy behind the scenes finding an 'angel' that quickly volunteered to become my new 'secret pal' and before i knew it, there was a box on the counter filled with the goodies shown above!

My favorite colors, POUNDS of yarn in the most awesome color of green, new knitting needles, note cards, a ruler, amazing bags to hold all my knitting ... she even quickly whipped up that awesome striped drawstring bag just for me! and then, as if that weren't enough, she shared her only copy of a special book AND several patterns - one of which was her original design - to compliment the yarn. Most of this was pulled from her stash ... ALL of this was shared from her heart.

CLEARLY blessings can't be measured in dollars - the 'prize' box i received continues to make me smile ... and will, for a LONG time, be a great story to share with others i meet! My needles will always be poised and ready to return that favor ... to be an angel with yarn for wings ... and prizes to share ..... and a renewed awareness of the verse in Hebrews .... to be kind to strangers because you NEVER KNOW when you're hosting an angel unaware!


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