Thursday, August 6, 2009

change in perspective

i have a friend who recently learned that she has breast cancer .... i also have a blanket that i've been working on all summer that i had designated as my 'defining project' of all that i was going to accomplish this summer .... however, upon learning of crystal's circumstances somehow all my 'projects' seem to pale in significance! my blanket can wait ... so can those washcloths that match my new kitchen .... and that sweater i had hoped to wear for the 1st day of school ..... yea well ...... now i'm thinking (knowing) that my attention and prayers should be turned to crystal ... and to finding some way to express to her that i am praying for her .. and wanting to 'fix it' if only i could ..... my yarn and needles have found their way around a shawl pattern that is soft and simple and hopefully will insulate her against some of the cold and discouragement that so often creeps in during these times. seems rather appropriate that a skein of Homespun will now hold all my prayers that she'll find the comforts of her own Home when she wraps this rose colored Hug of Yarn around her shoulders to block the chill... to remind her that she is surrounded by family and friends who are in her balcony ... cheering for her .. praying for her ....
never minimize the significance of something that you make .... handmade is NOT a trait for the fainthearted but rather a characteristic of someone who is generous and thoughtful, creative and willing to share their own heart with someone who has made an impact on theirs!

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